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Sports card values vary depending upon the player’s status, age and rarity. On my website I try to give the most accurate description of a sports card, and it’s approximate value. I also try to include fun facts about the player, stats, and some video. On this website you will find values of football , hockey and basketball sports cards. Click here for baseball cards.

NFL Football cards are popular to collect. Pro football has surpassed baseball as the United State’s most watched sport. NFL players who have been inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame will be worth money obviously. Baseball and football cards are the most widely collected sports cards.

Sports Card Values

Football Cards







Fans of NHL Hockey enjoy collecting their sports cards. Even the casual fan would love to get their hands on Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Hull or Mark Messier rookie card.  Serious collectors either have their cards professionally graded or kept pristine in a binder. Click here for NHL hockey cards.

"Hockey Card Values"

Hockey Cards Stored in Binder

I guess there is still a kid everyone. There is just something very cool to me having something tangible in my hand – a memento of my favorite sports athlete.

Collecting sports cards can indeed be a worthwhile hobby for any sports enthusiast. Most collectors , like me , have a more personal attachment, and it is not always about the monetary value. It is the sentimental one.

Sports card values can hold much more value to a fan then just dollars and sense.


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